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"Top 5 ranking in just 5 months, that was amazing!"
- Hema

"Thanks to Swami SEO work our daily news online magazine is attracting over 50,000 unique visitors per month."
- Jack

"Brilliant work in blog promotion of tennis blog which now attracts over 20,000 unique visitors per month."
- Mike

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Drupal SEO

Drupal SEO involves a myriad of activities. Starting from selecting the right category name/Page name to the SEO friendly URLs it covers a number of activities to be done before you can be ready for link building.

The most important aspect in Drupal SEO is to select appropriate names for pages/categories and any such other elements.

Next comes the Drupal meta tag optimization which involves various modules to be installed and fine tuning to make them coherent with overall website.

The weakest point of Drupal SEO is content. Most of the time people overlook the actual content of pages which is very important for SEO. Drupal, being a CMS and dynamic, is overlooked for the actual contents. It is very important to keep the content to be optimized for SEO.

We offer Drupal SEO consultancy for our clients not only to achieve top position in search engine results but also to make them aware of how to keep fine tuning Drupal for SEO.

Our Drupal SEO services include Drupal meta tag optimization, Drupal keyword optimization and Drupal title tag optimization.

Drupal SEO Portfolio

This is our corporate website based on Drupal and optimized for SEO.